This course is handy with basic database management basics which equip students with knowledge on how to store, organize, and manage digital data efficiently and perform multiple tasks with ease

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About the Course

This course introduces students to robust relational database design and development from desktop database application development and interfacing, to enterprise-wide SQL database architecture. Learners will be able to develop entity-relationship diagrams for business applications, SQL server queries for informational analytics and reporting, designing desktop and enterprise-wide database applications offline, and the web and database security.

What you will learn

    • Analyzing existing and future data processing needs
    • Developing an enterprise data model that reflects the organization’s fundamental business rules
    • developing and refining the conceptual data model, including all entities, relationships, attributes, and business rules
    • integration and merging database views into a conceptual model
    • How to apply normalization techniques
    • How to identify data integrity and security requirements
    • Deriving a physical design from the logical design taking into account application, hardware, operating system, and data communications networks requirements




IFIS provides comprehensive and realistic business-critical Computer Based Training (CBT) solutions for those responsible for and/or considering a career in a typical heterogeneous computing environment.


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