Operating Systems Fundamentals for Beginners

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About the Course

Operating System Fundamentals is a graduate-level certificate course in operating systems. This course addresses all about the basic operating system abstractions, mechanisms, and their implementations. The core of the course contains concurrent programming (threads and synchronization), inter-process communication, memory management, and File systems.

Why Take This Course?

Some of the main goals for this course are;

  • Students will be exposed to theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding regarding operating systems concepts
  • Students will understand the rationale behind current OSs (like Linux) designs and implementations depending on the evolution of various OS constructs


  • No prior technical experience is required

Course Curriculum

Total learning: 17 lessons Time: 8 weeks


IFIS provides comprehensive and realistic business-critical Computer Based Training (CBT) solutions for those responsible for and/or considering a career in a typical heterogeneous computing environment.
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